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In the field of maritime satellite communications, we have established significant partnerships with renowned companies such as KVH, Navarino, Speedcast, Otesat-Maritel, and others. These partnerships have allowed us to offer a wide range of services, with the primary goal of ensuring unique solutions tailored to our clients' needs in maritime communication, for both commercial ships and superyachts.

Among the services, we include various options:

- Satellite Traffic (Airtime solutions: VSAT, OneWeb, Starlink, Iridium, Fleet Express, Fleet Broadband);
- Communication Software;
- Satellite Devices from KVH, Cobham, Intellian, and Thales;
- LTE / 5G routers from KVH and Pentonet;
- Control Systems Infinity, Commbox Edge, SnakeBox, Fortigate;

Furthermore, in 2012, we obtained the qualification of Inmarsat Silver Partner, a recognition that underscores our commitment to offering quality products.

Our airtime solutions

Control systems

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