Argenton & Soci, previously Technos Informatica, is a company founded in Genoa in 1986, with the primary goal of developing and marketing IT solutions for companies requiring high-level messaging services for business, particularly in the maritime and financial sectors.

Over the years, we have developed several types of solutions, with the primary aim of providing quick and high-quality support to all our customers, both pre and post-sale.


We established our company in Genoa. Initially, it focused on developing management software for shipowners, among which "CAB" stood out for calculating travel estimates.


During these years, we developed the communication software Robin, which quickly became popular among maritime brokerage companies and shipping agencies.


We started our activity in the maritime satellite communications field in collaboration with Telenor Satellite Services, a leading Norwegian company in the satellite telecommunications industry.


At the beginning of the new millennium, we signed a distribution and support agreement with Telaurus Communication LLC (USA), an innovative software producer and service provider for the maritime industry, which continued even after the acquisitions by Globecomm and later Speedcast.


The company entered into a commercial agreement with Navarino (Greece), the producer of Infinity, the most widely used satellite device control system on the market.


Our network of relationships continues to expand, growing more international.
Argenton & Soci becomes a value-added reseller for KVH (USA), a prestigious brand known in both the commercial maritime and superyacht sectors.


We became part of GeneSYS Informatica.

Part of Fratelli Cosulich Group

In 2023, the group became part of GeneSYS Informatica. As the historic IT company within the Fratelli Cosulich Group, today GeneSYS Informatica is divided into four sectors: Business Intelligence, Commercial Intelligence, Information Technologies, and Software Development, with a particular focus on renewable energies, real estate, cyber-security, and new technologies.
The acquisition of Argenton & Soci is the second in the last three years, following that of Comunico S.r.l. in 2020, a renowned company specializing in Project Management and Business Intelligence.

Our team

Maurizio Argenton

Andrea Argenton

Paolo Argenton

Enrico Barbagelata

Lan Thi Hoang Bui

Mauro Bondavalli