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Satellite Services

Argenton & Soci operates in the maritime satellite communications sector and is “Inmarsat Silver Partner” since 2012.

Thanks to the co-operation with its partners SpeedCast, KVH, Navarino and
Otesat-Maritel, Argenton & Soci offers:

  • satellite airtime :  Fleet Broadband (FBB), FX (Fleet Express), Iridium (Certus and Pilot), VSAT

  • communication software

  • Cobham, Intellian and KVH satcom devices and Infinity and ICM control systems

Installations and on-board services are carried out in Italy and abroad, care of Argenton & Soci or the partners' network.

Argenton & Soci is a certified KVH and Navarino service centre.

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