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Communications have seen a global evolution during these years, to a point where e-mail moved from being a
simple utility, to a true compulsory working instrument.

Nowadays all enterprise daily activities take place through e-mail; this is why a fast, reliable and above all secure tool to handle the enterprise's life and activities is more and more indispensable.

Robin, created at the time of telex and fax usage, has been evolving to manage large message volumes and to meet the global communication requirements. Therefore it can manage every communication system (e-mail, sms, fax, skype, IP telephony) while keeping the focus on shared enterprise activity, even in multi-site and web-based setups through use of mobile devices (Blackberry, tablets, etc.).

By interfacing a latest generation IP-protocol digital switchboard, it is possible to access telephone services and start phone calls directly from the message list or the company directory.

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